The mission of the Good Hope Film and Video production company is to produce creative, inspiring and thought provoking, original content that is influenced by diverse cultures, ethnicities and human experiences from around the world.

Our content will be produced by collaborating and sharing ideas with other artists, moviemakers and writers who strive to engage and motivate audiences’ involvement on people and matters they care about.


Everyone has that one dream they always wished would come true. Ours happened to be  a creative TV Production Company with a passion for story telling - however big or small. we will provided successful video solutions to clients throughout the greater Washington DC Area .

At Good Hope Film and Video Production, LLC. We specialize in creating jaw-dropping video footage that will ignite your brand and set you apart from your competitors. Our priority is to fully understand our clients’ visions in order to deliver the outcomes they seek. Contact us and see how we can create productions that have a high visual impact and generate the results you want.

Jeffrey R Murphy

Founder & CEO

Brade Eubanks

Co-Founder, Director of Music Divsion

Roan Ross- Cinematographer & Partner, Roan Films

 Rosie Rogers-Writer &  Director