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Good Hope Film and Video Production Co. LLC., Inc. is a full-service multi-media production company, handling projects from script to screen, and producing in all High-Definition formats. Our extensive background includes commercial and PSA production, corporate communications, television, non-profit and association programming, documentaries, web video, and more.

Good Hope Film’s clients include corporations, non-profits, associations and government, political consulting firms, ad agencies, PR and marketing firms, media buying agencies and small and medium sized businesses.

Capabilities include development and execution of the following:

  • Audio Production

  • Corporate Imaging

  • Corporate Videos

  • Documentaries

  • Fund Raising Programs

  • Infomercials

  • Issues-Oriented Programs

  • Marketing / Sales-Oriented Production

  • Membership Recruitment

  • Music Videos

  • Music Production

  • Original Song / Jingle Production

  • Political Media

  • Public Service Announcements (Production, Placement, Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting)

  • Radio Media Tours

  • Retail Film and Video Production

  • Satellite Media Tours

  • Special Events Production for Trade Shows, Conferences.

  • Training Video

  • Video Editing & Post Production

  • Web Video

  • Video News Releases (VNR) / Bites B-roll Packages (BBR)

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