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Jeffrey R Murphy
CEO & Founder of Good Hope Film & TGHC, Inc.


Before Starting goodhopefilm.

Mr. Murphy brings over (25) years of executive level business management experience to the operation. He is co-owner of Murphy’s Auto Body.  He works with his brother Chris & big  sister Julie on day-to-day operations in making sure the company is running efficiently.

Mr. Murphy has been engaged with several other start-up business ventures. He was the Founder of JRMC Professional Management Services, a Management company that created JRMC Janitorial Services, Landscaping, Light Construction, Information Technology Services and also Founded Games R US Arcade that first opened in Laurel Maryland in Laurel Mall on Route One where the store had over 30 games, and served the laurel community and the local laurel High School.

In addition to his management and business knowledge, Mr. Murphy served as the Vice President, of ACS Communications, LLC to ensure the growth by securing federal, government and other private contracts.

Jeff Murphy has served on board of the Anacostia Coordinating Council, where he’s active in the local community in Ward 7. Mr. Murphy is a father and husband, during his spare time he enjoys outings with his family and playing basketball.

Roan Ross-Vice President  & Senior Cinematographer of Good Hope Film & Founder of Roan Films

With over ten years of experience in television, live broadcast and film, Roan has worked on commercials, documentaries and web-based productions from D.C. to Japan.   His body of work spans from DC's H Street Festival and Think Local First, to the streets of Tokyo, Chiba and Yokohama in the Ichiban Reggae Japan documentary.  He has used each production as an opportunity to build on his skills in the various disciplines in his field. 


Although he's worn many hats throughout the years, it’s his passion for editing that has helped sharpen his skills behind the camera and developed his keen understanding of the conversation of each component of production. 


Roan now brings his years of knowledge to The Good Hope Corporation's (TGHC) media production branch to build a strong body of work, that will set a standard of success that aligns with

Brade Eubanks, Co-Founder Good Hope Film, President & Director of Music Division. Founder KMG Records

Brade Eubanks was born on September 7, 1973 to parents Wanda and Kenneth Eubanks in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  At a young age, his parents moved him and his older brother Tony “Silk” Walker of Badd Boys of the Industry (BBOTI) to Virginia.  The family attended “The Way and the Truth Mission” and it was there that God began using Brade for His glory.  At the age of seven, Brade began singing in the church choir as well as participating in the drama ministry.

 When the leadership of the church took notice of Brade’s anointing, he was given the honor of leading songs in the adult choir as a youth.  This exposure led Brade to a solo career, where he is requested to sing at various venues and events, such as youth services, weddings, funerals, and street ministries.  His powerful anointed voice touches everyone that hears it and immediately moves them from their seats and up onto their feet.

 In 2005, Brade competed in the Lutheran Social Services of New York (LSSNY) Gospel Care competition in New York City.  He was given the opportunity to sing in Times Square a day before the competition and the next evening competed for the Adult Gospel Solo Artist of the Year at the Tribeca Arts Center in Manhattan.  At this competition, Brade’s amazing voice and vocal abilities stood out among the rest and he was named Gospel Care 2005 Artist of the Year.

Brade is a gifted psalmist, writer, and Minister of Music.  He possesses an amazing two-octave male vocal range from bass to soprano (E flat to E flat), and his vocal style is often compared to that of Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, and Marvin Sapp.  

Brade has a great love for people and loves to see lives changed through ministry.  He understands that there is nothing more important than bringing people to Christ, whether it is through singing or teaching.  Since the age of 21, he has taught both youth and adults and has been a blessing to those

Sedric Washington 
Associate Producer-Cinematographer

Film & Cinematographer, Assistant

Sedric Washington Jr, a 23-year-old filmmaker/ photographer Born and raised in Woodbridge Virginia. Being raised in church I was always told that god had a purpose for me and a plan. 

 I always thought that plan was the military or maybe even a lawyer. Never did I even think that filmmaking/ photography was anywhere near what he put in me to do. So, I picked up my first camera at 20 after the military did not work out and have been in love ever since. I love telling a story through a lens, I love just grabbing my camera going out into the world and just shoot. Photography & Filmmaking for me is so much more than just holding a camera and clicking a button. It is truly how I express myself it is, how I tell people what I am thinking how I am feeling.

I like to call the camera my brush and the world a canvas. I love seeing the reactions of my friends and family when I show them some of my photos or a video I did. Seeing the better side of human emotions in the other end of my camera there is not a feeling like it in the world.

As a filmmaker I want to have the first ever movie that makes 3,000,000,000 dollars in the box office. As a photographer I want to be the best to ever do it.

Rosie Rogers-Writer, Director and  Producer. Founder of Rogers Entertainment.

Rosie Rogers was bitten by the entertainment bug at the ripe old age of three when her family started turning off the television to watch her ‘cut-up’.  Her multiple talents, skills and creativity have catapulted that 3-year old into an entertainment journey that has grown from accomplished Actor and Comedienne to award winning Writer, Director, Producer, Speaker, Coach…etc.  and Published Fiction Novelist. With over thirty years of production and event experience, Rosie is CEO of Rosie Rogers Enterprises, Executive Producer of TWO5m Productions and Talk Show Host of “Get A Life University”.  Rosie also served as Director or Programming of the Christian Women’s Network (CWN) responsible for all content selection and development and was later promoted to CEO of the Network. 



Armed with her life’s purpose to empower, enlighten and entertain others positively, Rosie’s purposeful storytelling prowess spills over into her writing style. Her goal is to leave the audience with a transformative experience of their own interpretation, capable of influencing change, love and hope or simply a good time! Rosie believes that living above average is attainable for all and she understands her purpose in helping to facility those possibilities.



Rosie hails from a small town in Arkansas.  The youngest daughter of Clarence Willie and Estella Palmer with an overactive imagination and love for life and people. She is single, mother of three amazing sons who have gifted her with daughters-in-love and nine even more amazing grandchildren and whose own life accomplishments have taken her on journeys far and wide. At the end of each day, Rosie is grateful to God for all that HE has done with her life!

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